Nutri 22

Balances the vital currents of the kidneys. The kidneys act as a filter for all the substances released in the blood from cellular metabolism. This filter sorts out, re-absorbs and then eliminates waste through the bladder....


Nutri 31

Balances the vital currents of the bladder. The bladder is like a mirror, a mirror of the organs. Well known by acupuncturists (the Shu Association points of all the organs can be found on the Bladder meridian) it reflects the functioning of every organ a...


Nutripuncture Book


Nutripuncture: Stimulating the Energy Pathways of the Body Without Needles...


A revolutionary nutrient therapy that stimulates the energetic pathways of the body to improve physical and psychological health--without needles.

Nutripuncture works with the body’s energetic meridians like acupuncture and acupressure--but without needles or pressure points. Combining traditional Chinese medicine with organic chemistry, the latest understanding of DNA, and the cellular nutrition work of Georges Lakhovsky and Nobel Prize-winner Barbara McClintock, Nutripuncture uses mineral complexes to supply microcurrents of reinforcing energy to the body’s information pathways and organ systems. By focusing on the life energy within our cells and balancing and nourishing the meridians, Nutripuncture accelerates our innate self-healing abilities to overcome illness, relationship conflicts, and many other physical, emotional, and mental stressors--often with rapid results.

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